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December 5, 2010
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Kurisuchan Regressed by SuperDigiFlow Kurisuchan Regressed by SuperDigiFlow
D'yaaahh! I can't twanswate into Japanese becawse I've been wegwessed!! Wegwessed by Kassidy! So, aww I can do is to do thwis in baby tawk.

So, wonce again... Exactwy fow vewwy, VEWWY wong, I haven't been seen wegwessed and abwle to post it since fow a while now. I twied to tewll Kassidy just becawse I wore diapows (dah Dependies) when I was owdow, does nots mean she cowld tweat me like a baby, meaning wegwessin' me! But she gave meh dah FOY bottow anyways, twyin' to make meh wook cutow (cuter). An' I d'awght (thought) it was weguwaa (regular) watow or somed'in! Oh, an' I was pwobabwy in nothin' but a diapow, anyways. Pwobabwy D'IS is 'dah stowy:

Kurisuchan: "OK, diaper is changed... What now? (thinking) OK, I got nothing. (looks at clock) Hmm... Almost 8pm. Guess I gotta get to bed."
Kassidy: "Oh no, YOU don't. You aren't leaving until we try the Regression first!"
Kurisuchan: "Aww, Kassidy! Lemme tell you. Just because I got this pack of real diapers doesn't mean I'll be chained like Gato is-- Uh..!"
(Kassidy holds up a ruby-colored gem)
Kurisuchan: "Isn't that...?"
Kassidy: "The gem from :icontails230:'s story? It could be! Here, take a drink of water."
(Kurisu takes the bottle from Kassidy and sucks on the bottle, and without knowing, Kurisu suddenly slowly shrinks in age)
Kurisuchan: "D'uhh--! Dy'aaahhh! (voice gets higher as he shrinks to a baby) D'n'yeeeehhhaaaaahh!!! (stops shrinking) D'yeeehh! Awww, not again..."
Kassidy: "Don't worry. At least you look chubbier and KYUUTE. :3 ~<3 (squeals, then changes to a blissful look)"
(Kurisu whines and almost starts to cry)

*End of Flashback*

So, appawentwy, I'm stuck wike this fow a whiwle, WEAWWY in diapows now... But it 'aint so bad.

Anyways, I twied diffewent styowes of diffewent artists' diapows, like... WonderingWolf (if he even HAD an dA account) and othow cowwections while searchin' awound Tehthul's Dungeon to search fow 'da perfect styow.

I even gotten bettow at 'deh Chawactow desing-ies. I d'ink I'm doin' bettow at makin' 'da fur an' stuff. Weal complicated, but well made. I even twied makin' mysewf chubbiow and somewhewre wookin' cwuewwess (clueless), even if I aweady knew what happened. An' even saw if I cowld make 'dah diapow mowre thick. I twied to give Kassidy a bwissful wook, an' do mowre at the end of hew eyewashes. It makes hew wook vewwy pwetty. It does!

Anyways, I hopes you guys give meh wots of comments! An' wish meh wuck (luck)!!!!! BAI-BAI!!!!

Diaper style goes to WonderingWolf and Paddercat.
CFLOW, Kassidy, CLBB and TBKK are by 10 Networks.
All Rights Reserved.
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lucky! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!!! :D hehe i love this good work
SuperDigiFlow Feb 10, 2011  Professional General Artist
Though, if it would've been you... Well... You would have experimental troubles with Ms. Kitsune here, to say the least.
LOTS of things could happen here...
sounds like fun XD
I really adore this kind of thing.
SuperDigiFlow Feb 8, 2011  Professional General Artist
Suprising that you like it.
I enjoy age regression.
nice job! though I had to take a second look at it because the placement of the bottle looks a bit...ummm...akward
SuperDigiFlow Dec 27, 2010  Professional General Artist
Is it the LABEL, or the character HOLDING the bottle?
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