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August 1, 2010
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Being Caught Diapered by SuperDigiFlow Being Caught Diapered by SuperDigiFlow
Ladies and Gentelmen of Diaper Fans (including MiguelAntilsu and Kalida!!)!!! I give you another "Baby Kitsune Kids" Deviation!!

This time, it's just me, being caught diapered in the Diaper-Changing room in the padded comfort of our home in the Hermitage, by Diaperfurs Aelita (who needs a seirous change indeed) and Kassidy - who have just walked in, unnoticingly, from being in the park and having Aelita being in a teen-sized stroller.

Here's the conversation that I heard in the hall before I get caught.

Kassidy: That may be the last time I ever consider putting you in that stroller.
Aelita: Well, if you would've regressed me, I'd be more unnoticitable!!
Kassidy: Well, thanks to your incontence, I have to change you now. Come on, let's get you cha--
Flow: Eek!!!!
(The two girls stand there in silence, confused why I'm in diapers again.)
Flow: Oh, moshi-moshi, Girls! Nan desu ka (What is it)? Ii otenki desu, ne (It's a nice day, isn't it)!
Girls: .......
Kassidy: (looks at me like I did something wrong) Flow, why are you in the diapers??

So, basically, it went on and on. It's not like this was the FIRST time I've been caught, being in the diapers. I also get caught sometimes when I "wrap", getting in the cloth diaper (in real life).

So, theoretically, this picture was inspired by a picture made by Kalida from Fur Affinity (with the picture being on Tehthul's Dungeon), and I had a bit of fun making this up. The expressions on all of us were just priceless. Though, if Kassidy had the same kind of soul (or the same thoughts) as my real Mom, she would've been real mad than letting me go. So, it's basically better in the Anime Universe where you get to be with a "happy-go-lucky" Nursery Mother other than a strict soccermom when thinking diaperfurs and babyfurs are real bad.

Other than that, I guess I made a better diaperfur pic, concerning the series of the "Baby Kitsune Kids". Enjoy!!

Kassidy and CFlow Design by 10 Networks. Aelita Design by MoonScoop Entertainment.
"The Baby Kitsune Kids" is made by MoonScoop and 10 Networks.
All Rights Reserved.

P.S.: If you can't see the Image, you'll have to download the Image to see it.
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Kassidy is wearin too
great pic ill read the story behind it later
SuperDigiFlow Mar 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
Oh.... Heh-heh..., Thanks....
no problem hehe its too cute
SuperDigiFlow Mar 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thanks!! :D
omg i couldnt really tell but aall three of them ar diapered haha nice
SuperDigiFlow Nov 4, 2010  Professional General Artist

In fact, both Aelita, Kassidy and I are all in our original ages in this one.
It's mostly the style of character placement in the foreground and in the background.

We're at our original age heights, AND we ARE in diapers, but we're just placed differently. We're not Age Regressed... YET...
omg can you like really reverse toilet training then? is that what u ment by not yet?
SuperDigiFlow Nov 5, 2010  Professional General Artist
Err... Not really. In this Anime World, we are, IN FACT, "diaper-dependant", all in some sort of thanks to one of source of experiments that first came to mind a few years ago.

Yet, reversing toilet-training requires plenty of patience in the Real World, so much to say from ONE OF THE DIRECT SITES which has info on reversing into incontinence, being able to always being in diapers again. This is one of them.

And for the picture statement, I say again. Aelita and I are in our teen years. Kassidy the adult Kitsune is the oldest one, and both Kassidy and Aelita are in the background. It so happens I was ABOUT to Regress myself, but I was interrupted by this situation.
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